A true fusion of high standards, skill, creativity, inspiration, innovation and talent, is what makes Fusion Hair Studio stand out from the rest.


At Fusion Hair Studio, our clients personal needs are our number one priority. If you need advice about a new colour or cut; curling or straightening; treatments, or any hair care products or styles, our professional team are always available to help.


Fusion Hair studio has been firmly established since May 1999, situated on Boas avenue in Joondalup City, Perth. Centrally located with convenient access from the train station and major shopping centre makes us easy to find and access.


On a professional level, we are always educating and advancing our staff on the latest styles, trends and techniques to ensure that we are in the forefront of our industry.


We strive to provide our clients with a personal and caring environment, so we can advise and consult you knowing how to create the

new look you!


Fusion Hair Salon  

Phone: (08) 9300 0548 - (08) 9301 4720 Shop 19 / 140 Grand Blvd, Joondalup.


Phone: (08) 9300 0548 - (08) 9301 4720